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“Knowing and Introducing Christ”

Philippians 2:10, Matt. 28: 18-20; Kis. 1: 8


This vision brings the community of Borneo Theological Seminary (BTS) to:

1. Recognize Christ as Savior and Lord in personal life.
2. Prioritize prayer, worship and fellowship as a lifestyle toward growth and maturity in Christ.
3. Believe in the work of the Holy Spirit to sanctify and control us and make us more like Christ.
4. Respect, read and investigate the Bible to understand the will and mind of Christ.
5. Live as a community that proves the love and presence of Christ through concern to others.
6. Work together and build each other as members of the active Body of Christ.
7. Encourage everyone to be a witness of Christ through conversation and lifestyle.
8. Actually preach and proclaim Christ.
9. Prepare, train and equip students to be pastors, church servants and evangelists committed to serving Christ and introducing Him in the country of Malaysia and generally throughout the world.
10. Encourage Christians to motivate them to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to all people and to make all nations become disciples of Christ.

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