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In 2007, Borneo Thelogical Seminary (formerly known as the College of Theological College) was further upgraded with the collaboration of Malaysia Bible Seminary (MBS) with the addition of a Bachelor of Science (B.Th) Degree Program, also became Associate Member of the Malaysian Association of Theological School (MATS). In 2011, BTS has become an Asian Expert Association (ATA) And in 2018 BTS was upgraded to Borneo Theological Seminary. Now BTS has certificates worldwide.
The Master of Arts in Missiology (MA) program works with the Indonesian Bible Institute. At this time, BTS offers 5 programs:

1. Master of Arts In Missiology and Pastoral Counseling (M.A).
2. Bachelor of Theology (B. TH), (4 Years).
3. Diploma in Theology (3 Years).
4. Theological Certificate (2 Years).
5. Long Distance Theology (PTJJ).

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